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Building For The Future

TVA’s mission is generating prosperity in the Tennessee Valley. And each of the Economic Development programs and services outlined here is designed to do just that-to retain and recruit industry, create jobs, and help communities in our region realize their full social and economic potential.

What sets TVA Economic Development apart is our philosophy if partnering for success. To achieve the greatest good for the Valley, we join forces with public and private organizations to fill gaps in economic development with a wide range of services and programs. And unlike other economic development entities, TVA Economic Development brings a regional perspective to every project.

By focusing on the entire Valley, instead of only one county or state, TVA can help industries, investors, and our partners see the bigger picture of regional development.

The innovative programs and services of TVA Economic Development complement each other and combine to create a powerful tool for generating prosperity in the Valley. Whatever the project, whatever the challenge, whatever the scope, TVA Economic Development can provide solutions that make sense and mean success for industry and for our region.

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