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Electric Power 

About Our Electric Power

The Trenton Light & Water Department provides electricity to approximately 2,700 customers within the city limits of Trenton.

The electric department recently increased its electric capacity with two new substations, one located south of town and another located in the industrial park.

These improvements also provide 24-hour back-up distribution operations.

Electric rates are changed several times a year due to TVA’s Fuel Cost Adjustment. 

District Substation

Fruitland Substation

Industrial Substation

Electric Power Rates

Electric Power FAQ

How do I establish new service?
You may apply for utility service at the Trenton Light & Water offices between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. You will need to provide two proofs of identification (one should be a picture I.D. card), complete a service application, and pay the applicable security deposit and fees.  You may also apply for new service online if the location has an existing electric meter. Just click on the tab at the left of the page and follow the step-by-step directions.  It’s simple!

Does TLW trim the trees in my yard near the electric line?
No. Our responsibility in providing you with an uninterrupted electric service is to clear trees and brush away from the electric right-of-way.  This area is usually 15 feet from the
centerline of the road. The trees in the yard are your responsibility. TLW will be happy to remove your service line from the tree and clear the line from your house to the electric pole while you have the tree trimmed or removed. Please call us to schedule in advance.

I am leaving TLW’s service area – what should I do regarding my utilities?
If you move outside of our service area, contact our office in advance. Please provide a forwarding address and the date you wish the service disconnected. If we are holding a deposit, it will be applied to your final bill. If there is a remaining balance, it will be mailed to your forwarding address.

Is there a telephone number I can call for further questions about my service?
Trenton Light & Water 731-855-1561

Complaint Process 

Customers having complaints about services or billing should contact TLW during normal business hours.  TLW will work with customers to resolve complaints that might arise. TVA provides regulatory oversight for Trenton Light & Water’s rates and service practice policies.  If you have an issue or complaint that you have not been able to resolve with TLW,  TVA’s complaint resolution process may be able to help. There are three ways to begin the process:

TLW Service Practice Polices