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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds visibility to your business or plant, enhancing its appeal to potential customers and the community.

Outdoor lighting can protect your business or industry from violence, theft, and vandalism. Darkness is not only a cover but also an invitation for crime. Statistics show that crime goes up as the sun goes down. However, a two-year lighting study done in Washington, D.C. shows a 44% decrease in burglary and a 22% decrease in vandalism after the installation of outdoor lighting. There is no doubt that outdoor security lighting offers peace of mind and is one of the cheapest forms of insurance you can buy.

Outdoor lighting can increase the use of outdoor facilities for your employees. Areas such as picnic and garden areas may be used at night for improved employee morale and comfort. It can eliminate potentially dangerous situations and lost time accidents caused by employees or visitors tripping over curbs or other parking lot hazards. Occurrences of vehicular accidents may also be reduced.

For more information on Outdoor lighting, call Trenton Light and Water Department at 855-1561. We will be happy to send someone to your business to discuss your lighting needs. For a few dollars per month, you can have energy-efficient lighting at your business. Maintenance will be provided by Trenton Light and Water at no cost to you. Whatever your security lighting needs, call today.


All residential electric charges are exempt from sales tax.
All commercial and industrial electric charges are subject to 7% sales tax unless exempted by state or federal law.