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Heat Pumps

A heat pump is the most cost effective way to heat and cool your home. It’s a central air conditioning system that also works in reverse to provide central heating.

During the summer a heat pump takes the air in your home, makes it cool and dry, then recirculates it. In the winter a heat pump pulls heat from air outside, (or from underground water, or the earth itself) and pumps it indoors. Believe it or not, winter air actually contains heat you can use.

Heat pumps also deliver consistently even airflows, as opposed to hot blasts of air, for more comfort.

Heat Pump Financing

Cut your energy costs and increase your comfort with Trenton Light and Water’s low-interest heat pump loan.

Financing Information

  • Finance heat pump, installation costs-even storm windows and added installation-upon credit approval.
  • Applicant must be a Trenton member who is also the record owner of the property where the heat pump is to be installed.
  • Terms are attractive – 9% APR for up to 10 years; $25 UCC – 1 fixture filing fee; no down – payment; payments added to electric bill.
  • Maximum loan amount is $7500 for single heat pump unit; $10,000 for multiple units in single home.

Loan is not transferable – balance of loan must be paid to release lien when home is sold.

Key Benefits

  • Lower utility bills
  • Year round comfort
  • Monthly payments added to your electric bill, for your convenience
  • Need more information? We can mail you product literature, send e-mailed information, or give you a phone call.

Here’s How Financing Works. . .

Upon credit approval the following steps are taken:

  • You select a contractor from TVA’s Quality Contractor Network 
  • The contractor completes installation and notifies Trenton Light & Water when your heat pump is ready for inspection.
  • Trenton Light & Water technician inspects your heat pump to be sure it meets all manufacturer’s and program specifications.
  • Upon inspection approval, the financial institution pays the contractor for the heat pump and installation fee.
  • A UCC-1 Fixture Filing is filed by Trenton Light & Water as security for the loan.
  • Loan repayment is included on your monthly electric bill.